To purchase any of the products shown on the site is simple, please call or email.

Phone: +44 1392 201614

We also have an online store which sells our outdoor and military products. If you are looking for singular items that are in stock, it’s best to try our store first.

Online Store – Arktis Outdoor

Please note the phone number is only for police and military orders, they will not be able to help with any online order queries. 

All the products shown on this site are available for purchase. There is no minimum order quantity and you can choose whichever colour camouflage you like as long as it is in stock.


Over the years we have provided bespoke solutions to some of the most specialist users the world over, so whatever your requirement large or small please do get in contact. We pride ourselves in being open and versatile.

We specialise in producing load carriage solutions so if you see something that does not quite suite your needs dont worry. We can easily modify or alter any of our vests to whatever kit or specification that you have. We have well over 200 vests styles in constant production.

Good things to keep in mind when ordering vests:

  • Left or Right handed? (Most of our vests are able to be completely reversed for ease of access to kit)
  • Which kit do you use (it is often useful to get dimensions)
  • Which Baton do you use (it is good to get a closed length)
  • Which kind of badges do you require, with what text? Do you need these stitched down or on velcro?

If your interested we’ve finally succumbed and set up a Facebook page!

Just a little feedback from some of our customers!

Just at the end of a 23 year career in the Army, when I was in Basic Training in 1991 I came down to your factory shop on a weekend off and bought myself a pertex top. Getting my kit ready this weekend to hand back in, I still have and have used up until this year the same top from all them years ago. It’s been to Bosnia 4 times, Iraq twice and Afghanistan. As well as 2 years in Canada, NI and countless exercises. It went everywhere with me as I knew, if the cold wind got up, I could put it on under my jacket and no more wind chill. Thanks for 23 years of warmth, I’m keeping hold of it as I don’t have the heart to give it away.
Once again thanks

Joe Ryan

For decades Arktis has always been the ‘Gucci kit’ that soldiers spent their own money on, and well worthy of the reputation. From the days in green wearing the Arktis ’42 chest rig, many years on I still look to them for operational kit.

From frequently used Tac vests and B510 Avenger waterproof jacket through to lightweight B110 and Kommando jackets for more discreet warm weather  use, the Arktis workmanship, quality and customer service always make it worth investing in.

 Timo Wood MSyI

Security and Law Enforcement Professional

Since you guys got history, quality, “made in UK”, subtle style of coolness and design, just one step more to get there, the crown will be yours, and it is always reserved for you guys

Phil Siu

I received the package today. Boxing day came early this year. I have a smile from ear to ear. Best X-mas present I could imagine. Although I will not be saying this to my girlfriend in the off chance she might be offended. 
But in all seriousness… I am truly thankful for the service you have provided. It really shows that the people behind Arktis are willing to go the extra mile to ensure the people who wear your products are ensured off true top quality. The trousers are perfect. I already took them out for a walk here along the dutch coastline. Some of my buddies I know from back in the day in the core all wear Berghaus. Some of them expressed interest in the Arktis clothes I wear. I can assure you they will get nothing but praise from me, and that I will continue to buy your products in the future.

Emile merman

‘thank you for a wonderful service & fabulous kit. I have used Arktis clothing for over fifteen years. It is without doubt, the very best available.’

Michael mills (professional hunter)

 Just a line to say thank you for the lightening swift delivery of our P9M Vests. They arrived this morning by courier and seized like presents at Christmas time by all concerned ( my self included). I have seen many types of carriage vest in my time, both in use by colleagues when working for MoD and numerous examples offered at trade fairs such as Dsei and Counter Terror Expo in London. All I can say is…. Guys, you get what you pay for. The build standard, materials used and quality of finish to the product is outstanding. We will be trying them out in earnest on Friday. William : thanks for all your recommendations regarding sizing and numbers/types of pouches to fit initially. I think it’s just about right and everyone’s vest is a good fit.

Peter Watkins MIExpE, MSyI
Senior Explosives Scientist

Thank you so much William – the riders will be absolutely ecstatic to receive these – especially a week before they expected to – well done to Arktis for doing so well in the production of them all 

Ruby Bhelay-Haynes, Motorcycle Response Unit (MRU)

More positive feedback means better sales, means healthier company, means possible expansion of your product line.
Products which I will like and can buy in the future. So you see, my positive feedback is completely for personal gain. 😉

 Your windsuit was one of the best pieces of kit we had on our expedition. It was used up to 24000 feet in temperatures down to -30 degrees Celsius and in 60-70 MPH winds. When working hard the windsuit was sufficient protection with just Brynje underwear underneath.

Everest Mountaineer

 Another winter went by in Norway with us depending on your kit to see us through the worst parts. As usual, you came through the best.

Sergeant Royal Marines

After the rigors of Norway, Denmark, Reforgers 88 and 89 and many other exercises in between we have yet to have your product fail. The decision to buy your product was made after comparing similar products manufactured in North America. We found that your products had better quality and had better workmanship.

Major Canadian Infantry