Arktis has a long history in camouflage. Comb (Arid/ Blizzard/Urban) & Tundra are camos created by our in-house design team. On this page is an overview of the camos & colours that we can print & use (MOQ’s & restrictions apply). The front line is constantly changing, so it’s important to be able to adapt & meet the requirements of future terrains. Our dynamic design team can create, redesign & print many other camouflages, providing the order is of viable size.

Ambulance Green
Belgian Jigsaw (BE)
British DPM
Comb Arid
Comb Blizzard
Comb Urban
Coyote (COY)
Digital DPM
French CE
French Desert
Greek Lizard
Hi-Vis Yellow
Hi-Vis Orange
Irish DPM
MEP Stone
Mountain Camo
MultiCam Alpine
MultiCam Arid
MultiCam Tropic
MultiCam Black
MultiCam Original
M81 Woodland
Navy Blue
Olive Green
Pencott Greenzone
Swedish M90